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Scientific Program

As is typical for an ISRA meeting, a broad range of biological, psychological and social topics and issues related to aggression will be presented.  Because issues of aggression cross academic discipline boundaries, we are making an effort to reach out across disciplines while maintaining the scientific integrity of the presentations. Please note that as presentations are added to the schedule, the details of the scientific program may change.  We strongly suggest checking this website periodically for updates and changes. 

Plenary Addresses

Each morning of the meeting will begin with a plenary address.  A plenary address that is open to the public will also be given on Thursday evening.  Speakers and topics are as follows:

Wed., 7/26 Laura Baker Risk factors for antisocial behavior: Genes and environment
Thurs., 7/27 AM Mia Bloom Understanding motivations for suicide terrorism
Thurs., 7/27 PM Adrian Raine Lombroso’s legacy: Violence, brain mechanisms, and moral responsibility (Public lecture)
Fri., 7/28 Emil Cocarro Biology and treatment of impulsive aggressive behavior in humans
Sat., 7/29 Dean Pruitt Intergroup escalation and its remedies

Symposia scheduled to date

The Comparative Genetics of Aggression: Focus on MAO and Serotonin
Wed (7/26) morning (to follow Laura Baker’s plenary address).
Organizer: Steve Maxson

Jean Shih MAO Variants and aggression in mice
Andrew Holmes 5HT Variant and aggression in mice
Dee Higley MAOA Variants and aggression in monkeys
Elizabeth Prom MAOA Variants and aggression in humans

Anger expression, behavior and physiology: Recent research, current findings and new models  
Wed (7/26) afternoon
Organizer & discussant: Mike Potegal

Gerhard  Stemmler A streetcar named anger: Antecedents, mechanisms, goals
Julie Hubbard Anger and aggression in children
Eddie Harmon-Jones Varieties of anger and their relationships to asymmetrical frontal cortical activity
Ray Novaco Anger dysregulation and its treatment

President's Address

Caroline Blanchard 3:30-4:30, Thurs, 7/27 PM