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Brief  History  of  ISRA

The International Society for Research on Aggression (ISRA) is a society of scholars and researchers interested in the scientific study of violence and aggression.  The society is both international and interdisciplinary, and members gather for World Meetings every other year on alternating continents.  Currently there are about 250 members from over two dozen countries with specialties in psychology, psychiatry, physiology, sociology, anthropology, animal behavior, criminology, political science, pharmacology, and education. 

 ISRA was founded by a small group of prominent scholars who gathered at the Prince Hotel in Tokyo, Japan in August of 1972 in conjunction with the 20th International Congress of Psychology.  Present were Robert Blanchard, Katsuzo Hayashi, Kirsti Lagerspetz, Zanvel Liff,  Neal Miller,  Ross Parke, Karl Pribram, Saul Rosenzweig, John Paul Scott, W.H. Thorpe, Gerald Hudgens,  Irving Lazar,  Jeanne Mueller, and Oleg Tikhomirow  (details can be found in Aggressive Behavior, Vol. 13, 1987, p. 53-57). 

 In the shadow of the Cold War, the Vietnam War, and social unrest throughout the United States, these researchers discussed how their knowledge, skills, and research efforts might be applied to the very real and very disturbing problems of individual and collective violence.  It quickly became apparent that any serious study of aggression had to be international in scope and interdisciplinary in character. 

 The stated purpose of the Society is to encourage the discovery and exchange of scientific information on the causes and consequences of violence and to develop knowledge and techniques which might reduce harmful aggression.  The Society is non-partisan and its activities are intended to promote human welfare through enhanced knowledge of the causes and control of aggressive behavior. 

 Scholars and researchers in the field may apply for membership to Executive Secretary Dr. Michael Potegal (poteg001@umn.edu). Membership dues are $60 per year which includes a subscription to the official journal of the society,  Aggressive Behavior.   Members will also receive the ISRA Bulletin which contains notes about members and their research as well as detailed information regarding future conferences. 

Previous Meetings of ISRA

1972 Founding meeting,  Tokyo, Japan
President:  Saul Rosenzweig (USA)

I. l974 Toronto, Canada
President:  John Paul Scott (USA)

II. 1976 Paris, France
President:  Anthony Barnett (Australia)

III. 1978 Washington, D.C.  (National Academy of Sciences)
President:  David Hamburg

IV. 1980 Haren,  The Netherlands (University of Groningen)
President:  Pierre Karli  (France)

V. 1982 Mexico City
President:  Leonard Berkowitz (USA)

VI. 1984 Turku,  Finland  (Abo Akademi)
President:  Paul Brain

VII. 1986 Chicago,  Illinois  (University of Illinois at Chicago)
President:  Seymour Feshbach (USA)

VIII. 1988 Swansea, Wales  (University of Swansea)
President:  Kirsti Lagerspetz (Finland)

IX. 1990 Banff,  Alberta, Canada  (University of Lethbridge)
President:  Leonard Eron (USA)

X. 1992 Siena, Itlay  (Universita Degli Studi Di Siena)
President:  Adam Fraczek  (Poland)

XI. 1994 Delray Beach,  Florida  (Florida Atlantic University)
President:   Robert Blanchard  (USA)

XII. 1996 Strasbourg,  France  (Universite Louis Pasteur)
President:  Dan Olweus  (Norway)

XIII. 1998 Mahwah,  New Jersey  (Ramapo College)
President:  Rowell Huesmann (USA)

XIV. 2000 Valencia,  Spain  (University of Valencia)
President:  Jaap Koolhaus  (The Netherlands)

XV. 2002 Montreal, Canada (McGill University)
President:  Ed Donnerstein 

XVI. 2004 Santorini, Greece
President:  John Archer  UK  

XVII. 2006 Mineapolis, MN
President:  Caroline Blanchard (USA)

XVIII. 2008 Budapest, Hungary
President:  Menno Kruk (the Netherlands)

XIX. 2010 Storrs, Connecticut (University of Connecticut)
President: Deborah Richardson (USA)

Off-year meetings have also been held in Strasbourg, France (1979,  Zeist,  The Netherlands (1983),  Parma, Italy (1985),  Univ. of Seville, Spain (1987),  Szombathely,  Hungary  (1989), and Jerusalem, Israel (1991)

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