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Roger Johnson

The International Society for Research on Aggression (ISRA) is a society of scholars and scientists interested in the scientific study of aggression and violence. The Society is both international and interdisciplinary and meets every other year on alternating continents. There are over 250 members from several dozen countries with specialties in psychology, psychiatry, physiology, sociology, anthropology, animal behavior, criminology, political science, pharmacology, and education.

This web site will provide information about the history of ISRA, past world meetings and previous presidents of the society, abstracts of papers presented at previous meetings, the current officers and editors of ISRA, membership in the society, future meetings of ISRA, and the text of ISRA Bulletins dating back to Vol. 21 (1999).


Comments on the Connecticut School Shootings
Rowell Huesmann and Eric Dubow have written a document covering some psychological aspects related to the horrific Connecticut school shooting. The posting appears on the University of Michigan’s Aggression Research Program website.

Video and Audio from the XX ISRA World Meeting is now available! See the News page for more details.

Report of the Media Violence Commission
In December 2011, the ISRA appointed a special commission to prepare a report on media violence. This commission was "charged with the task of producing a public statement on the known effects of exposure to media violence, based on the current state of scientific knowledge. If the Commission finds sufficient evidence of harmful effects, then the Commission's public statement may include public policy recommendations."

The full text document of this report is available currently in English, Greek, Romanian and German, and may be translated into additional languages in the near future.

Update: Romanian and German language versions of the statement are now available!

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