ISRA began its YI Program at the 2008 meeting in Budapest to encourage and assist young scholars who are getting started or are in the early stages of their aggression research career. ISRA encourages graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty within 3 years of their graduate degree to apply for the program. Application instructions are posted in advance of the World Meeting, usually in the late Fall. 
Awardees receive partial monetary support to attend an ISRA World Meeting and also participate in a tailored program at the World Meeting that typically includes:

  1. A Pre-Meeting YI Workshop
    The Pre-meeting workshop focuses on supportive group discussion to help YIs plan and write grant applications and manuscripts and/or revise them in accord with reviewer criticisms. YIs are encouraged to submit proposals and papers on which they are working. Discussion can range from specific editing suggestions to broad research questions. Scientific publication strategies, experimental methodologies, and more general aspects of career development in aggression research will all be addressed as they come up.
  2. Meet With Mentors
    YIs meet with a different panel of mentors during lunch or dinner each day for informal discussion. Mentors may include plenary speakers who are available for follow-up questions about their presentations.
  3. Networking
    YIs meet with members of ISRA. They will also get acquainted with other young investigators of their generation. Mutual support and fruitful collaborations have developed out of past YI interactions.

Participants in the YI Program have found it to be an enjoyable and enriching experience.




  • Laszlo Biro (Hungary)
  • Khandis Blake (Australia)
  • Irene Camerlink (United Kingdom)
  • Chen Chen (China)
  • David Chester (United States)
  • Hailey Holmgren (United States) 
  • Nathan Kolla (Canada)
  • Antonio Mendoza Diaz (Australia)
  • Tim Schofield (Australia)
  • Svenja Senkans (Australia)
  • Ian Stanley (United States)
  • Imdadul Haque Talukdar (Finland)
  • Stacy Tzoumakis (Australia)


  • Emily Edwards (Student, CUNY John Jay College, USA)
  • Shawn Geniol (Student, Brock University, Canada)
  • Ryan Harrod (Assistant Professor, University of Alaska Anchorage, USA
  • Zurika Odendaal (Lecturer, University of the Free State, South Africa)
  • Richard Pond (Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA)
  • Grace Skrzypiec (Lecturer, Flinders University, Australia)
  • Patrik Söderberg (Student, Åbo Akademi University, Finland)
  • Laura Stockdale (Student, Loyola University Chicago, USA)
  • Paulina Tomaszewska (Researcher, University of Potsdam, Germany)
  • Irene Vitoroulis (Student, University of Ottawa, Canada)
  • Weijun Wang (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Ottawa, Canada)
  • Jiansong Zhou (Assistant Professor, Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, China)


  • Paul Adachi (Brock University, Canada)
  • Gareth Arnott (Queen's University-Belfast, UK)
  • Franziska Dambacher (Maastricht University, The Netherlands)
  • Emma Fabiansson (University of New South Wales, Australia)
  • Youssef Hasan (University of Pierre Mendes-France, France)
  • Ada Johansson (Abo Akademi University, Finland)
  • Nadja Laubscher (University of the Free State, South Africa)
  • Jill Lobbestael (Maastricht University, The Netherlands)
  • Maria Noel Meikle (Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Clemente Estable, Uruguay)
  • Ingrid Obsuth (University of Cambridge, UK)
  • Aron Tulogdi (Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungary)


  • Daniel Antonius (New York University School of Medicine, USA)
  • Katja Bertsch (Heidelberg University, Germany)
  • Justin Carre (Duke University, USA)
  • Violet Cheung (University of San Francisco, USA)
  • Jennifer Fanning (University of Southern Mississippi, USA)
  • Coreen Farris (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
  • Kate Gallagher (Georgia State University, USA)
  • Kevin Swartout (University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA)
  • NIcole Warehime (Oklahoma Baptist University, USA)
  • Evrfim Cetinkaya Yildiz (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)


  • Catalina Cervantes (University of Texas – Austin, USA)
  • Nathan Dewall (University of Kentucky, USA)
  • Whitney Heppner (University of Georgia, USA)
  • Amanda Murray (University of Iowa, USA)
  • Starr Sage (University of Minnesota, USA)
  • Dominic Parrott (Georgia State University, USA)
  • Maren Strenziok (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health)
  • Andra Teten (Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, Houston, TX, USA)