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International Society for Research on Aggression

Officers of the International Society for Research on Aggression

Officers (as of 1 January 2007):

President: Menno Kruk
President-Elect: Deborah South Richardson
Executive Secretary: John Knutson (serving until 1 January 2011)
Treasurer: Jacquelyn White (serving until 1 January 2009)
Archivist: Paul Brain

Past President: Caroline Blanchard

Council Members


Council Members Elected in 2004
(serving 1 January 2005 to 31 December 2009)

Alyson Bond
Yvon Delville
Pierre Karli
Barbara Krahe
Natalia Kudryavtseva
Stephen Maxson
Sergio Pellis
Murray Straus
Richard Trembley
Cathy Widom
Natalia Kudryavtseva

Council Members Elected in 2006
(serving until 1 January 2011)

Brad Bushman
Marina Butovskaya
Eric Dubow
Douglas Fry
Jane Louise Ireland
Roger Johnson
Simha Landau
Kenneth Leonard
Stefano Parmigiani
Stephanie van Goozen


L Rowell Huesmann, Editor,  Aggressive Behavior, 
RCGD, ISR 426 Thompson Street Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1248
Eric F. Dubow,  North American Editor,  ISRA Bulletin
Jane Ireland,  European Editor,  ISRA Bulletin
Standing Committee Chairs
Kaj Bjorkqvist,  UN Committee
David Adams,  N.Y.  UN Representative

Jo Groebel,  Vienna UN Representative
Jeff Goldstein,  Mass Media Committee

Ed Donnerstein,  Nominations Committee
Ron Baenninger,  Awards Committee

Burr Eichelmann, Ethics Committee


Web Site:

Applications for ISRA Membership

Scholars and researchers in the field may apply for membership to Executive Secretary, John Knutson  ( Membership dues are $60 per year which includes a subscription to the official journal of the society,  Aggressive Behavior. Members will also receive the ISRA Bulletin which contains notes about members and their research as well as official information about the society and its future conferences.

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