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The Conversation is a news/analysis website with content written by academics, edited by journalists, and aimed at the general public. Their goal is to bring academic expertise to a broader audience, and their global newsroom also has offices in Australia, the UK, South Africa, and France. Articles are relatively short, around 1,000 words, and the tone is meant to be conversational and jargon-free, though they provide links to support primary sources.  

This outlet is an effective way for researchers to disseminate their findings publicly and is a resource for the public to learn more directly from the most cutting-edge science. Two sample articles relevant to the study of aggression are listed below.

FactCheck: Is There a Link Between Early and Easier Access to Violent TV and Domestic Violence? →
By Tom Denson (Associate Professor of Psychology and ARC Future Fellow, UNSW Australia)

Promoting Violence? Alcohol Specials Lead to Increased Aggression in Bars →
By Francis Markham (Ph.D. candidate, The Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University) and Martin Young (Associate Professor, Centre for Gambling Education and Research, Southern Cross University)

Report of the Media Violence Commission

In December 2011, ISRA appointed a special commission to prepare a report on media violence. This commission was "charged with the task of producing a public statement on the known effects of exposure to media violence, based on the current state of scientific knowledge. If the Commission finds sufficient evidence of harmful effects, then the Commission's public statement may include public policy recommendations."

The full text document of this report is available currently in English, Greek, Romanian, and German, and may be translated into additional languages in the near future.


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