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International Society for Research on Aggression

XV World Meeting

The Developmental Origins of Aggressive Behavior

Montreal, Canada
28-31 July 2002

Hosts of the Meeting

Université de Montréal / McGill University, Montréal, Canada

Program committee:

Local co-chairs:
Michel Boivin, Laval University
Richard Tremblay, University of Montreal

John Archer, University of Central Lancashire
Daniel Nagin, Carnegie Mellon University
Robert Pihl, McGill University
Frank Vitaro, University of Montreal

Local organizing committee:
Mara Brendgen (co-chair), University of Montreal
Robert Pihl (co-chair), McGill University
Katia Maliantovitch, University of Montreal  

Summary of Abstracts

Prenatal Risk Factors, Brain Development, and Aggressive Behavior 
Bullying and Victimization in Young People: Current Directions in Research 
Perinatal Risk Factors and the Development of Physical Aggression 
Bullying, Aggression and Conflict in Australian School Students: Research Informing Interventions 
Developmental Roots of Violence Perpetrators 
Trajectories of Physical Aggression in Pre-School Children 
School Interventions to Reduce Bullying: What Works and Why? 
The Role of Prenatal Smoking and Parental Sensitivity in the Intergenerational Transmission of Aggression and Antisocial Behavior
Functions of Aggression in Children's Peer Relations 
The Development of Sex Differences in Aggression 
Aggression in the School Setting 
The Risk Dynamics of Family Violence 
Sex Differences and Similarities in Aggression: Correlates and Consequences from Infancy to Mid-Life 
Gang Membership and Aggressive Behavior 
Cognitive Rigidity and Self-Deception: Implications for Social and Interpersonal Aggression 
Information Processing Models of Antisocial Behaviors: Relevance to Violence 
The Development of Anger and Aggression 
Prevention of Aggression during Early Childhood 
The Dynamic Relation between Biology and Behavior in the Study of the Development of Aggression 
Continuities and Discontinuities of Aggression throughout the Life Course and across Generations: Evidence from the 40-Year Follow-up of the Columbia County Longitudinal Study 
Terrorism and Justification of Aggression 
Developmental Pathways of Proactive and Reactive Aggression: Precursors and Consequences 
Developmental Approaches to Assessing Aggression in Young Children 
Developmental Pathways of Indirect Aggression: Precursors and Consequences 
Physical Aggression and Conduct Problems in Youth: Early versus Late Onset 
Violent Video Games and Aggression 
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Early Aggression Symptoms in Children 
Developmental Precursors of Intimate Partner Violence 
Social Capital and Aggressive Behavior 
Development of Children's Aggression: Early Experiences, Maltreatment, and Factors Influencing Stability and Instability over Time 

Paper symposia - oral presentations:
Young Offenders 
Preschoolers and Aggression 
Ecological and Immunological Aspects of Aggression in Animals 
Aggression, TV, and Parenting 
Models, Genetics, and Aggression in Animals and Humans 
Peer relations 

Poster symposia
Aggression Measurement 
Childhood Aggression 
Adolescent Aggression 
Special Populations and Aggression 
Aggression in Animals 
Language and Aggression 
Peer Relations 
Risk and Protective Factors 
Development of Aggression 

Abstracts available as one document:

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Program Outline
Available in Microsoft Word Format:
Updated 2002 Program (7/1/02)
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