Applications for ISRA Membership

Scholars and researchers in the field may apply for membership by submitting an application and a CV to the ISRA Executive Secretary (Dominic Parrott).

Membership dues are $60 per year ($30 for student members) which includes a subscription to the official journal of the society, Aggressive Behavior. Members will also receive the ISRA Bulletin which contains notes about members and their research as well as official information about the society and its future meetings.

ISRA has four kinds of members:

  1. Fellows who shall be scientists from any nation working in any of the biological, psychological or social sciences on problems of aggression.
  2. Associates who shall be scientific or professional persons who wish to support the goals of the Society but who are not themselves actively engaged in research on aggression.
  3. Life Fellows shall be Fellows or non-members nominated by the Nominations Committee and confirmed by the Council, who shall in the opinion of the Committee have made distinguished lifetime contributions to research on aggression. They shall not be officers of the Society at the time of election, and no more than three Life Fellows may be designated in any one biennium. The title shall not be contingent upon payment of dues.
  4. Student Members shall be graduate students nominated by a Fellow of the Society. Dues for student members will be half the rate for other classes of members. Student membership may be retained for up to three years.

Fellows, Associates, and Life Fellows shall have voting rights. Only Fellows or Life Fellows may be elected officers of the Society.