A Tribute to Professor John Archer

Outgoing Editor-in-Chief of Aggressive Behavior

By Sarah Coyne and Jane Ireland

John Archer

John Archer

The International Society for Research on Aggression (ISRA) would like to thank Professor John Archer for serving as the editor-in-chief for Aggressive Behavior, the official journal of ISRA. Prof. Archer has a long history of service to both ISRA and the journal, including serving as the ISRA president (2002–2004), and organizing the biennial ISRA conference in 2004 (in Santorini, Greece), as well as being a long-standing member of the society. He recently was awarded ISRA’s John Paul Scott award for significant or lifetime contributions to aggression research.

Prof. Archer has been an active researcher in the field of aggressive behavior for more than 40 years, focusing his research on aggression and violence and, in particular, sex differences in aggression, including in relation to sexual selection, partner violence, the relationship between testosterone and aggression, and resource holding power and aggression. During his service to the journal, he has prioritized only the best research in the field of aggression, driving a move toward multi-study papers, longitudinal and measure development, and a focus on the enhancement of theory. This has seen the journal continue to build a strong base as an anchor for excellent aggression research and to showcase the international work conducted. Under the leadership of Prof. Archer, the status of the journal has continued to grow and expand. Thank you for your service!