Sex and Gender Role Correlates of Aggression

Childhood masculine or feminine role behavior and aggressiveness in adult males
Kerrin Christiansen (University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany) 

Sex differences in beliefs about aggression: Opponent's sex and the form of aggression
John Archer and Annadelle Haigh  (University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Lancashire, UK) 

Women and crime: A feminist evolutionary approach 
Anne Campbell (Durham University, Durham, UK) 
Steven Muncer (Teesside University, UK) 

Executive cognitive functioning mediates the relation between language competence and antisocial behavior in conduct disordered adolescent females
Peter R. Giancola, Ada C. Mezzich, and Ralph E. Tarter (Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA) 

Moral beliefs supporting aggression related to verbal/physical types of proactive/reactive aggressive behavior among adolescents
Laura Pakaslahti and Liisa Keltikangas-Jarvinen (University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland)