Women's Aggression

Organizers: John Archer, University of Central Lancashire, UK
Anne Campbell, University of Durham, UK

The four papers in this symposium deal with different aspects of women's aggression. First, the different styles of aggression of girls and boys; second, differences in bullying among women and men prisoners; third, physical aggression by women in heterosexual relationships; and finally a broader perspective on women's aggression from evolutionary and feminist perspectives.

The physical aggression of women and men to their partners: A quantitative analysis 
John Archer (University of Central Lancashire, UK) 

Concomitants of physical, verbal, and indirect aggression
Kaj Bjorkqvist and Karin Osterman (Abo Akademi University, Finland) 
Ari Kaukiainen and K.M.J. Lagerspetz (University of Turku, Finland) 

Styles of bullying amongst female incarcerated offenders 
Jane Ireland (HM Young Offenders Institution, Lancaster, UK) 

Staying alive: Evolution, culture, and women's intra-sexual aggression 
Anne Campbell (University of Durham, Durham, UK)